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Below are Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips

Security Systems –
False alarms are not only a nuisance, but they can be costly as well. Response times by local Police departments could be slowed and you can be fined after a certain amount of false alarms. The number of false alarms and the fines can vary based on what city your home or business is located in. Keeping a well maintained system is pivotal to eliminating false alarms. Motion and Glass-break detectors can be affected by dirt and insects. Keeping your devices clean and free of debris through preventative maintenance will help eliminate false alarms.

System Communications –
Testing your system weekly is recommended by product manufacturers and security professionals. Traditional Land Lines are still a primary source of communications for some systems. Changing phone carriers or getting your lines serviced can cause communication failure. This can result in dropped signals and delayed response times. If you switch phone service providers, or have your lines serviced please contact us to verify your system is still communicating properly.

Video Equipment –
Having your system professionally maintained assures that your system is recording properly and your cameras have a clear, unobstructed view. Trees, insects and dust can block or blur your cameras over time. Keeping your cameras clean and free of obstructions will make sure they continue recording images clearly. When your DVR or NVR is recording properly your video will be available and ready when you need it.

Access Control –
Making sure your Access Control System is maintained properly is instrumental to maintaining the flow of visitors and employees through your facility. Keeping readers clean and easily accessible assures easy access around your office or building. Backing-up your database regularly makes sure you don’t lose valuable system and employee information due to system failure.

Software –
It’s important to keep all of your systems software up-to-date with the latest versions. Backing up your systems data regularly will assure vital programming information is current and maintained. If your systems data is ever compromised or your equipment fails, your data will be available for quick and accurate restoral.

Power Supplies –
Maintaining proper voltage to your system allows your components to function properly and charges your back-up batteries. The average life expectancy of most back-up batteries is three to five years. This is the same for transmitters on Wireless Systems. Making sure your batteries are properly charged and replaced when recommended will help eliminate false alarms and equipment failure.

Fire Alarms –
Fire Test are performed in accordance with the National Fire Prevention Agency ( NFPA ). Keep your Smoke Detectors free from dust, dirt and grime.